RSE Alumni Advisory Committee is Up and Running. Thank You for Your Input!

Current Situation - RSE and fraternity life at RPI is at a crossroads.  The environment that most of us are familiar with at RPI and RSE no longer exists.  28% of the 29 Greek organizations at RPI are currently on long term suspension.  Even though undergraduate admissions at RPI is up 39% from the 1980’s when I was at RPI, participation in Greek Life is down 60% with only 14% of the undergraduate students members of fraternities and sororities.  Surveys of RPI students show that students are much more interested in the “Return on Investment” of their education and participation in activities while in college.  The situation at RPI, the fact that social opinions of fraternities in the US are not favorable, and the high risk environment of having 18-22 year old men living in a minimally supervised environment have created a possibly unsustainable “business model” for RSE.

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COVID is no Match for our Junior Members’ Commitment to RSE

As we approach the midpoint of a very unusual semester, with many Greek organizations not living in their houses, a limited number of students on campus, and with nearly all students taking at least some classes online, it is safe to say that RSE’s JMs are navigating unprecedented events. The RSE Clubhouse is unfortunately unoccupied for the semester as RSE strives to cooperate with the RPI administration in their efforts to keep the campus safe and healthy. The security system installed this past spring has worked well in keeping the House secure and undisturbed. Efforts are being made to encourage recent graduates to claim their belongings and clear the building out for when RSE can occupy the House again.

There are still roughly a dozen JMs living in the Troy area, taking care of the House and grounds while continuing to work as best we can toward reinstatement. Our traditional Work Week in August had to be cancelled to comply with RPI’s COVID-19 protocols, some of the work that was planned will be accomplished during the semester as part of several work details ensuring that our house is safe and clean when normal operations can resume.

The JMs have been gathering (in small, safe numbers) for brotherhood and social events, including, most recently, watching the NBA Championship together. It can be difficult to maintain the close bonds that the JMs are used to in this time of social distancing and pandemic risk reduction.  We have been striving to preserve our brotherhood while taking into account safety and responsibility. We are fully aware of Greek organizations at other colleges that have been accused of spreading COVID-19 and hit with disciplinary actions.

Ultimately, RSE’s JMs are attempting to make the best of a difficult situation and finish out our education while still remaining close socially and continuing to work towards reinstatement.

Zach Alexander ‘21

Junior Member President

RSE Strategic "Virtual" Retreat Scheduled for November 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic requires that this retreat be held virtually. The Retreat is scheduled for Saturday November 14, 2020, beginning at 10 AM EST. All Alumni are welcome but an advance reservation is required. If you are planning to attend, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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