We’re Back — With Big Challenges Ahead

RSE has been officially returned to full recognition by RPI! The Trustees and the RPI Dean’s Office have been struggling through a variety of challenging issues for the past three and a half years. On Friday July 16, 2021, Dean Apgar came to the House and delivered our reinstatement letter. (Here is the Dean’s letter.)

The Reinstatement Letter commends us for the mission and vision articulated in RSE 3.0.  The letter states “The RSE 3.0 Plan has the potential to not only reshape the Society but influence a turning point in the purpose and activities of fraternities at Rensselaer.”

This letter states the terms of our reinstatement specifically:

  1. RSE must have a live-in advisor prior to having anyone live in,
  2. RSE is on disciplinary probation for one (1) year, until May 31, 2022,
  3. RSE must develop and execute Event Management Plan Training and implement the plan, prior to any recruiting or other events,
  4. RSE must immediately provide the Dean’s Office a list of student officers and members. A list of Trustees and advisors is also required.

The letter also reminded us that RPI policies now prohibit the possession or consumption of alcohol in any recognized housing.

Item #1 will not be fully addressed this school year as no members are expected to be living in. The Trustees are working on the development of the Event Management Plan identified in item #3 and have already resolved item #4.

Aside from the RPI requirements, our biggest challenge will be recruiting new members as part of the RSE 3.0 plan. We have three remaining Junior Members on campus and none are living in the House. Therefore, engagement by the alumni, especially recent graduates, will be critical to our success. We’ll have to balance our relationship with the Interfraternity Council and RSE 3.0 as we go forward.

The Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is currently working with RPI MBA students to develop a plan for recruitment.

There is a challenging road ahead but we have cleared the first hurdle, being returned to good standing within the RPI community.

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