Students Preparing Fall 2022 Relaunch of RSE

Our team of current students is working on the campus relaunch of RSE in the Fall 2022 semester.  Building on the efforts of the past year, a Student Organizing Committee of 10 current students led by Fiona Clark ’23, has been meeting weekly with Don Thoma ’83, Cary Nadel ‘77, and Mark Vince ‘75 to develop these plans.

The students describe the “new” RSE as a modern alternative to “Greek life”: a trifecta of student self-governance, living-learning-collaboration, and personal/professional development – empowering members to pursue their many interests alongside like-minded peers beyond the classroom walls.  The approach will include many components of the RSE we knew, such as a group of people who build strong, life-long friendships, while pursuing common interests during their time at RPI.  The Student Organizing Committee is focusing on these key areas:

Communications – The creation of new branding for RSE on campus to communicate the core mission of RSE in a style that resonates with current students.  This includes helping the alumni with the new website development.

Membership – The development of the new membership criteria, bylaws modifications, new member education and induction programs for the student organization including the updating RPI criteria for administering RSE under the Interfraternity Council.

Advisory Board – The formation of an Advisory Board of student leaders from other campus organizations  to assist them in relaunching RSE and to make sure it appeals to a broad community of students.

Student Projects – The sponsoring of two Independent Learning Experiences (ILE) that will help build the structure of the student project component of the new organization.  The committee is working with RPI to help create this valuable benefit to RSE members as it will allow them to fulfill the Summer Arch requirement of their curriculum.

Student Events – A key component of the new RSE will be hosting events of interest to students such as a TedX program.  This has garnered a lot of interest from students.  Jim-Bob Williams ’77 has experience with TedX and has volunteered to help the students develop this area. Eventually this component of RSE will include old favorites of RSE such as the Holiday Banquet.

The students held an informational meeting on campus on February 15th to reintroduce the RSE to campus.  As a result of the meeting, they were able to pick up 4 new members of the committee.  They plan to hold additional sessions this semester to continue to get the word out.  We also hope to have a reception with the students during our Spring Society meeting the weekend of April 23rd at 1501 Sage Ave.

All in all, the students are engaged and energized to relaunch RSE.  Thanks to all the alumni who are helping with the relaunch.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Don Thoma ‘83

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