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RSE Strategic Retreat - July 2019

Strategic Retreat Brings Alumni and Junior Members Together to Discuss the Future of RSE

Developing a strong foundation and plan for the future of RSE requires committed interaction between Alumni and Junior Members.  To reinforce this commitment, RSE held a Strategic Retreat in Newark, NJ this summer during the weekend of July 19-21st, 2019.

The Retreat was well attended by the Trustees, the leadership of the Junior Members and interested Alumni.  Twenty-one Members of RSE, spanning 58 years and the classes of 1963 to 2021, settled down in the Springhill Suites at beautiful Newark Airport to discuss the future of RSE.   The retreat focused on returning the Junior Membership to active status in the RPI community, preparing for our next Rush, and finalizing the planning for our New Member Education Program.  We also built in time to discuss the vision and path for the organizations over the next five years and beyond.

There were several key outcomes from the Strategic Retreat.  First, we finalized the Reinstatement Plan that was drafted under the leadership of JM President: Jack Graham '21.  The Plan outlines a comprehensive restructuring of JM principles, processes and procedures to help RSE become a leader in Greek Life at RPI.  The Plan was submitted to Dean Apgar and the JMs expect feedback and hopefully approval shortly.

The second outcome was the review and approval of the new Recruitment Plan.  This plan was developed under the leadership of Rush Chairman: Jake Hodgson '20 and the President: Jack Graham '21 and restructured the approach to recruitment in a very methodical way linking back to the values of RSE and what it means to be a Member of our organization. The Plan took the approach to prepare for the contingency that RPI may only allow upperclassmen to rush in the Fall and wait until Spring for freshmen Rush.  Either way they are ready with a strong recruitment program.

Lastly, we spent time discussing a vision for the future of RSE.  Times are changing and Greek Life at RPI and all over the country is evolving into something new.  RSE needs to prepare our organization to evolve also, as we have done over the long, 153-year history of RSE.  There is still a lot of work to do here to develop a strong long-term plan for this evolution.  If you are interested in learning more and participating, please make sure to attend the upcoming Trustee and Society Meetings on September 28th at the RSE Clubhouse in Troy.

One of the best results of the retreat is the ability of the Junior Members and Alumni to work together to achieve our common goals.


Charlie Adkins ‘94

Real Estate Officer