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Students Preparing Fall 2022 Relaunch of RSE

Our team of current students is working on the campus relaunch of RSE in the Fall 2022 semester.  Building on the efforts of the past year, a Student Organizing Committee of 10 current students led by Fiona Clark '23, has been meeting weekly with Don Thoma ’83, Cary Nadel ‘77, and Mark Vince ‘75 to [...]

January 2022 Alumni Update Meeting

The charts used in the January 22, 2022 Alumni update can be found here: RSE_Alumni_Update_012222_Final Thanks to all who attended!

January is Front Ice Time, Back in the Day

Last century, returning from holiday break meant making the RSE Front Ice. The Front Ice was used for ice skating, hockey, and hot buttered rum parties with a small bonfire (the drinking age was 18 back then). The ice lasted well into February. Everyone in the House participated in the ice making including the City of […]

Fall 2021 MBA Practicum for RSE Final Report

Students participating in Professor Clint Ballinger sponsored an MBA practicum class focused on the RSE restart as a project. This semester’s students included Ariana Espinal MBA 2021, Evan Gomez MBA 2021, Zijian Wang MBA 2022, Jack Vaccari MBA 2022, and Lauren Severson MBA 2022, as well as Fiona Clarke 2023, Jonah Mudse 2022 and Vaskar Maskey 2023 who continued supporting RSE from the previous semesters. The vision for the new RSE […]

RSE 3.0 Clubhouse Improvements

As the RSE organization begins the journey from a traditional fraternity to an organization centered on education, we anticipate that significant renovations and investments at 1501 Sage Ave. will be necessary. In the past 10 years or so, the Society has successfully executed a number of capital improvement projects at the House. Given the expectation that even […]

RSE 3.0 Gets the Boot! The LL Bean Boot, That Is

RSE 3.0 was introduced to campus on Tuesday October 12th and Wednesday October 13th, when the Rensselaer Union and Collegiate Store in collaboration with RSE hosted the LL Bean Pop-Up store in the RSE parking lot.   The opportunity was identified by Jonah Mudse ’22 and Fiona Clark ’23, the two MBA students who have been working […]

Summer Students Assist in RSE 3.0 Launch Preparations

RSE 3.0 received a big boost from students this summer as Professor Clint Ballinger of the Lally School sponsored a project with his summer MBA Practicum class. The team consisted of six undergraduate students: Vaskar Maskey, Varsha Jayaprakash, Chang Liu, Sergio Silva, Tristan Gueye, and Ethan Joseph.  The students met with us weekly this summer […]

We’re Back — With Big Challenges Ahead

RSE has been officially returned to full recognition by RPI! The Trustees and the RPI Dean’s Office have been struggling through a variety of challenging issues for the past three and a half years. On Friday July 16, 2021, Dean Apgar came to the House and delivered our reinstatement letter. (Here is the Dean’s letter.) The Reinstatement […]

RSE Alumni Clean Out the House on July 15th-18th Weekend

Thirty-one RSE alumni and numerous friends gathered at 1501 Sage Ave to clean out the House. The effort, organized by Trustees Vice President Charlie Adkins ‘94 and Real Estate Officer Joe Spinazola ’15 spanned four days, Thursday through Sunday. Alumni from fifteen (15) states attended with Classes from 1963 (Doug Koop ’63) through 2021 (Zach Alexander ’21 and Joe Stillo ’21) being […]