• November InteRSEction Newsletter Coming! +

    Be on the lookout for the forthcoming November edition of the InteRSEsection newsletter in your mail! Read More
  • RSE Strategic "Virtual" Retreat Scheduled for November 14, 2020 +

    The COVID-19 Pandemic requires that this retreat be held virtually. The Retreat is scheduled for Saturday November 14, 2020, beginning at 10 AM EST. All Alumni are welcome but an advance reservation is required. If you are planning to attend, please let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Read More
  • Now Accepting Nominations for the Board of Trustees - Respond Before the December Trustees Meeting +

    As you may recall, last winter's biennial RSE Trustee Elections were delayed as we sought additional candidates to fill positions on our board. In the months since, we have embarked on an effort to redefine our purpose and structure so that the Society may continue to be viable for the next 150 years. In doing so we have engaged many Alumni, who until recently, have not been actively involved.  It's our hope now to conclude the nomination process and move forward with the election over the next couple of months.  Read More
  • RSE Alumni Advisory Committee is Up and Running. Thank You for Your Input! +

    Current Situation - RSE and fraternity life at RPI is at a crossroads. The environment that most of us are familiar with at RPI and RSE no longer exists. 28% of the 29 Greek organizations at RPI are currently on long term suspension. Even though undergraduate admissions at RPI is up 39% from the 1980’s when I was at RPI, participation in Greek Life is down 60% with only 14% of the undergraduate students members of fraternities and sororities. Surveys of RPI students show that students are much more interested in the “Return on Investment” of their education and participation in Read More
  • Junior Members Step Up During COVID Crisis +

    We are now two months into one of the strangest semesters in the history of 1501 Sage Ave – as the pandemic continues to march across our campus, and the rest of the nation. Thanks to the efforts of the Junior Membership President Zach Alexander ’21 and House Manger Matt Binshtock ’21 the structure is still being well cared for. During the summer the Trustees utilized assets from our Reserve Account to perform maintenance on the Front Porch. I’m sure that many of you will recall the efforts of 2012/2013 to stabilize and repair the porch. These repairs are holding up Read More
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