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Now Accepting Nominations for the Board of Trustees - Respond Before the December Trustees Meeting

Last winter's biennial RSE Trustee Elections were delayed as we sought additional candidates to fill positions on our board. In the months since, we have embarked on an effort to redefine our purpose and structure so that the Society may continue to be viable for the next 150 years. In doing so we have engaged many Alumni, who until recently, have not been actively involved.  It's our hope now to conclude the nomination process and move forward with the election over the next couple of months.

The positions, current holder and this election's candidates are listed below.

Please send us your nominations. All RSE Alumni are eligible for these positions.  Nominations are due by the December 5th, 2020 RSE Board of Trustee's meeting.  As a reminder, we are also always looking for Alumni to be involved in a variety of efforts in non-board positions, especially alumni living in the Troy area.  As in past years, we are planning to conduct the election by both mail-in and electronic ballot.  Please be sure your email address is up to date at (login, then click Edit Info).  More details to follow.  Please send your nominations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or attend the 12/5/2020 virtual meeting.  

 Eric Stoever ‘04

Society Secretary

Position / Description

Current Holder


President -  The President is RSE's face to the outside world, the RPI administration, RPI community, City Of Troy, RSE Alumni, and the Junior Membership. Duties involve managing The Rensselaer Society Of Engineers corporation, overseeing critical activities that have direct impact on the future of RSE, and directing the Mission and Vision of The Society.  The President responds to external inquiries to RSE via mail, electronically and on the phone.  He also oversees Trustee and Society Meetings, as well as Board Meetings, both in person and via conference calls.  The President is tasked with providing the Trustees, Alumni Members, and Junior Members with twice annual State of RSE reports at the biannual Society Meetings.  He (or she) produces all appeal letters and solicitations to the general membership.  He (or she) is often also asked to provide articles for the InteRSEction newsletter and monthly eLetters.  The President acts as the Trustee Board liaison to The RSE Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors.

Thomas Keating ‘75

 Thomas Keating '75

Vice President - Act as parliamentarian; as such, he (or she) shall know and understand the Bylaws, ensure continuity thereof, ensure The Society is acting accordingly, and propose changes to those documents when necessary. The VP is responsible for putting together the agendas for Trustee and Society Meetings with input for other Board Members.  He (or she) assists the President in managing Board and Society business. Carry out other duties and attend any meetings as assigned by the President or the Board.  The Vice President handles the responsibilities of the President when the President is unavailable.

Preston Gordon ‘99

 Charles Adkins '94

Secretary - The Secretary takes the minutes at all meetings and reports these to the Trustees for approval.  He (or she) also coordinates all elections assuring the ballots are sent out in a timely manner and counted.  In lieu of a separate position being created by the Board, the Secretary also acts as the Society and House Historian.

Eric Stoever ‘04

 Eric Stoever '04

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall collect all funds due the Society and shall receive all contributions to the Society. Shall deposit to the credit of the Society all funds and shall disburse them as directed by the Board of Trustees. Shall report at every Annual Meeting, and oftener, if required, on the financial condition of the Society. Shall keep a set of books exhibiting generally the financial status of the Society.

Jeffrey Gorss ‘66

 Jeffrey Gorss ‘66

Communications Officer/Information Technology Officer - The Communications Officer handles communications with our contracted marketing and communications company (currently Affinity Connection).  He (or she) makes sure that the website is current and operational and assures that our Alumni Member database is up to date and accurate.  He (or she) also handles the renewal of the annual contract with said marketing and communications organization.

Adam Orsi ‘03

 Adam Orsi ‘03

Member Relations Officer/Alumni Relations Officer - The MRO assures that regular communication is taking place between the Board of Trustees and our Alumni Members.  He (or she) passes along any issues that may be brought up by our Alumni.  The MRO works to ensure that Alumni are satisfied with the programs and benefits that are available to them through various methods, such as RSE communications, events, and opportunities.  The overall goal is to maintain an involved, engaged and satisfied group of Alumni Members.

Don Thoma ‘83

 Don Thoma ‘83

Capital Project Funding/Fund Raising Officer -  Responsible for development and execution of long term fund raising plan to support large improvement projects at 1501 Sage Ave.

Nick Sosin ‘11

 Chris Brown '94

Real Estate Officer – The REO shall be responsible for the physical integrity of the Real Estate property of the Society. Shall oversee and coordinate routine maintenance activities. Shall report at every semi-annual Trustee and Society Meeting,

Charles Adkins ‘94

 Joe Spinazola '15

Capital Improvements Officer -  The CIO is responsible for identifying, communicating, calculating necessary funding and assuring that major Clubhouse capital improvements are brought to completion. 

Charles Adkins ‘94

 Ed Herger '72

Trustee At Large 1 - The Trustee at Large handles projects and duties as assigned by the President and the Board of Trustees


 John Guerci '74

Trustee At Large 2 - The Trustee at Large handles projects and duties assigned by the President and Board of Trustees

Cary Nadel '77

Cary Nadel '77

Trustee At Large 3 - The Trustee at Large handles projects and duties assigned by the President and Board of Trustees

New Position

Robert Whiting '16