Real Estate Officer Update

The Kitchen Finally Gets A Real Fan!

It’s been a reasonably quiet few months for the House.  The Junior Membership replaced the kitchen floor with an epoxy composite during Work Week 2017.  This installation has improved cleanliness and traction.  Our insurance provider stopped by for a quick inspection, and now we’re adding some nice steel railings to the Front Porch staircase on the Union side.  At the Spring ’18 Society Meeting, the Junior Membership was presented a plaque, to be mounted in the Trophy Hall, recognizing their gift of the main space lighting restoration.

The larger project recently was the installation of a new kitchen exhaust fan.  The previous ventilation ‘system’ had reached the end of its operating life.  Kevin Schaefer ’85 took point on designing a new exhaust fan system.  This new fan, and associated ductwork, is integrated in the long term remodeling plan for the entire house.  We are currently running the fan at 60% of capacity, which is a solid operating point balancing exhaust efficacy while not creating a large negative pressure situation in the House. 

The fan has been installed on the outside of the house, with new electrical wiring and a variable frequency drive.  The interior ductwork has been concealed behind a soffit that’s been wrapped in stainless steel.  This design allows Members to easily scrub off any accumulated grease with steel wool as necessary.  The existing hood was directly anchored to the new soffit and exhaust duct, which enabled the removal of the problematic chains that previously supported the hood. 

The resulting system should last for the foreseeable future. The lack of kitchen odors/smoke in the rest of the building has been immediately noticeable by the Junior Membership.  As an additional bonus, we’re keeping the RSE Chef happy with us!

Moving forward into the second half of 2018, there are a couple of projects looming around the edges, such as analyzing a dishwasher system and some exterior work.  The House is in solid shape for being 94-years-old. The Junior Members are keeping up with it, and we’re already planning for the 100th birthday of the building. 

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns,

Charlie Adkins ‘94

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