• Summer Students Assist in RSE 3.0 Launch Preparations +

    RSE 3.0 received a big boost from students this summer as Professor Clint Ballinger of the Lally School sponsored a project with his summer MBA Practicum class. Read More
  • We’re Back, With Big Challenges Ahead +

    RSE has been officially returned to full recognition by RPI! The Trustees and the RPI Dean’s Office have been struggling through a variety of challenging issues for the past three and a half years. On Friday July 16, 2021, Dean Apgar came to the House and delivered our reinstatement letter. (Here is the Dean's letter.) The Reinstatement Letter commends us for the mission and vision articulated in RSE 3.0. The letter states “The RSE 3.0 Plan has the potential to not only reshape the Society but influence a turning point in the purpose and activities of fraternities at Rensselaer.” This Read More
  • RSE Alumni Clean Out the House on July 15th-18th Weekend +

    Thirty-one RSE alumni and numerous friends gathered at 1501 Sage Ave to clean out the House. The effort, organized by Trustees Vice President Charlie Adkins ‘94 and Real Estate Officer Joe Spinazola ’15 spanned four days, Thursday through Sunday. Alumni from fifteen (15) states attended with Classes from 1963 (Doug Koop ’63) through 2021 (Zach Alexander ’21 and Joe Stillo ’21) being represented. Read More
  • RSE, Inc Bylaw 2021 Update +

    It has been more than five (5) years since the RSE, Inc Bylaws were reviewed in detail. The proposed changes, relatively minor, include: a) Article VI., Section 1.: An update to the succession plan to match the Board of Trustees and Officer Election Operating Rule. b) Article VI., Section 13.: An option to create an independent advisory board to the Board of Trustees. (Current bylaws imply RSE members only for committees.) c) Throughout: A proposed gender-neutral format. d) Throughout: Minor editorial changes, table of contents, etc. The proposed bylaws can be found HERE. Read More
  • Alumni Network News +

    We hope you have had a chance to review Don's email dated May 20th regarding "What's Next". We have started working with the MBA Practicum class on the next steps required to move forward with our plan for RSE 3.0. An important element of this plan will be to increase alumni involvement and expand our network. This will serve to aid our new members in their professional and personal development. This is the first "pillar" which was identified in the student research which was done this past spring. This network can be utilized for professional mentoring, social interaction between our Read More
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The RSE Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity that provides financial support for the educational objectives and facilities of the RSE clubhouse.

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