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By the time you read this, you should have received your 2014 ballot in the mail for RSE’s required biennial elections. You have two ways to vote. You can mail back your ballot or you can vote online by visiting www.rse.org/ballot2014.

Please vote. We want to know that you remain interested and committed to RSE. You are also encouraged to let us know if you might be interested in serving on a board in the future (our two boards are the RSE Board of Trustees and the RSE Foundation Board) or possibly on a committee, as we begin to plan for some future major clubhouse improvements and the celebration of our 150th anniversary in 2016. As always, your monetary involvement is also much needed and greatly appreciated. For your convenience, there is also a donation form in with the ballot mailing.
It Appears That RSE's Original Name Was Not Pi Eta
As we get closer to the 2016 Sesquicentennial anniversary of our founding, we have been delving further into our archives and origins. As all of us were likely taught during the pledging process, RSE was founded in 1866 as the Pi Eta Scientific Society and on June 6, 1883 that name was officially changed to the Rensselaer Society of Engineers.

While the founding year is correct, the name Pi Eta was apparently not introduced and voted on by our early members as the official name until June 13, 1867, approximately one full year after the organization was founded.

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Monthly Real Estate Officer Report
We are continuing to plan for future improvements to the clubhouse, while dealing with the periodic issues that are inherent in any 90 year old building.  This year we will work on developing the previously announced MEP plan for the building.  In addition, the overall condition of the plumbing system is obviously deteriorating and is going to need more attention in the near future.  Click the article title to read the full report!
Connect to RSE via LinkedIn and Join this Growing Business Group

At the bottom of this eLetter, you will notice a message regarding how to connect LinkedIn to your RSE profile.  You may recall that we recently featured and highlighted our RSE Facebook group.  However, several of you might not realize that we also have a secure 'members only' LinkedIn group as well.  It currently has 155 members, which isn't bad, but it's only about half the current size of our Facebook group.

If you are on LinkedIn, click here to join your fellow RSE alums and Junior Members and take advantage of the opportunity to network:



2014 Alumni Reunion & Homecoming Weekend
Reconnect with RSE and the RPI community at the 2014 Alumni Reunion & Homecoming Weekend. The anniversaries that are highlighted in 2014 are those with graduation years ending in either 4 or 9.  In addition, we plan on adding a special one-time Saturday evening event to celebrate the 90 year anniversary of our current house at 1501 Sage Avenue which was dedicated in 1924.  We know that you won’t want to miss out on all the fun and camaraderie; so, contact your classmates and make early plans to return to Troy next October 10-12, 2014.


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Annual Dues and Donations

Annual dues and donations support maintenance and renovations to all areas of the RSE clubhouse and occasional alumni activities. They also support our alumni communications program, including publication and distribution of OveRSEer and other mailings. Annual dues and donations are not tax deductible.

RSE Foundation

The RSE Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity that provides financial support for the educational objectives and facilities of the RSE clubhouse.

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