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Mark Your Calendars! RSE Strategic Retreat Planned for July

During the summer of 2017, RSE held a Strategic Retreat in the NYC area.  The purpose of this first retreat was to address some of the high level concerns facing our organization.  As a result of that retreat, RSE has been more focused on a long-term perspective these last 18 months.  One of the best results of the retreat was our ability to interact with many Junior Members, and work towards achieving common goals.

One of RSE’s struggles is the fact that our JM Leadership team completely changes every three years.  While many of us can testify that the three years we lived at 1501 Sage seems to have lasted a long time, from the viewpoint of a 153 year old organization that’s pretty rapid turnover.  So, we are going to have another retreat in Newark, NJ this summer, the weekend of July 19-21st, 2019RSE will be hosting the JM leadership, and reserving rooms for Society Members to book. 

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Alumni Gathering

Coolies Invade Las Vegas for a Reunion

In September 1966, Wayne Coleman and Otto Zamek met in Cary 3, and a year later Bart Guttag and Chuck Phelps arrived at Hall Hall. In spring 1967, Coleman and Zamek rushed RSE becoming Coolies, and a year later Guttag and Phelps followed suit. Led by the spirit of Coleman's big brother, Bob Briggs '68, Coolies were RSE's social chairmen for at least six consecutive semesters in the late '60s, and the Coolies hosted many parties in the then undivided Coolie Room.

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RSE – A Bond Unbroken

Thoughts on Why We Give

When I meet an Alumni Member, unseen or without contact over many years, the connection is still felt.”

Have you ever asked yourself why you give-if you give, that is? If the statisticians are right, only one brother in ten is likely to give back regularly once they put on their cap and gown.

There are lots of good reasons to give, of course. Do you believe in affording the next generation of young men the same experience you had with The Rensselaer Society of Engineers? Maybe something good happened to you just by being together in that house, sharing those experiences that helped make you who you are now.

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