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Rush Leadership

The Recruitment of New, Quality Members to RSE Is Essential!!

By Jake Hodgson '20 and Don Thoma ’83

The suspension has made for a tough year for the junior members.  The JMs are really feeling the impact of their unfortunate decisions last year as the normal events of the house have been significantly curtailed.  No other activity has had a bigger negative impact on the house than the cancellation of this year’s rush.

Now, the JMs could have taken a “woe is me attitude” and brushed off the cancelation of rush, but that is not what has happened.  Thanks to the leadership of the Rush Chairman: Jake Hodgson '20 and the President: Sean Graham '21, the JMs have been actively preparing for the next rush as soon as it is open to RSE.

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Photos Needed

Restoration of Stolen Barker Trophy

The 1940s Barker Trophy that sat on the Trophy Hall table was stolen in 1977. We have recovered some pieces of it and are considering restoring it. In order to get an estimate, we need photographs of the trophy. Can you look through your old pictures to see if you can help? Contact Mark A. Vince '75 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Society Update

Spring 2019 Society Meeting

It wasn’t a warm day in Troy on April 13th for the Society meeting.  However we started promptly at 8 AM, and the two boards got directly to work.  The Junior Membership has been having a reasonably successful year navigating their suspension.  As predicted, the loss of a pledge class will be having a negative impact on RSE JM operations, however the current sophomores will be moving into 1501 Sage this fall. 

After reviewing the various officer reports the team separated into our Task Forces.  Cary Nadel ‘77 and Eric John ’95 joined our Live-In Advisor Pete Liporace to work on the Reinstatement Plan.  The Dean of Students Office currently requires that RSE completes a substantial document to apply for re-admission to Greek life.  Current RSE JM President Jack Graham ‘21 has led the JM EComm in separating this daunting task into smaller sections.  At this time we are expecting our initial submission in a few weeks, with inevitable revisions before we are approved in the fall.

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