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A Piece of RSE History Returns Home

You Find the Most Amazing Things In Thrift Stores

One day last spring, a letter arrived at 1501 Sage Ave. Inside the envelope was a letter from Janice Brown. It seems that she was in a thrift store in Athens, Georgia and she came across an RSE Pin. She did some internet sleuthing and said it “…led me to the Rensselaer Society of Engineers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.”  She kindly sent us the Pin with a nice note.  Many thanks to Janice for taking the time to send us the Pin.  So, if anyone is missing their pin…, start looking in thrift shops!


Summer Internships Provide Opportunities For Junior Members And Alumni

By Noah Grant ’19 and Don Thoma ‘83

The Intern Perspective

At RPI, the importance of an internship is stressed throughout the curriculum of Mechanical Engineering. As an undergraduate, it gives us a chance to experience industry practices and begin to build a strong professional network. I spent much of the Fall semester of my Junior year applying to internships where I had no contacts or little networking opportunities before interviewing. During this process, I was blind to the fact that I was already part of an extensive professional network through RSE. Networking has never been first nature for me, however, my communication and conversational skills have vastly improved since pursuing a leadership position within RSE. When I became the JM Table Manager that Spring semester, I began having professional conversations with members of the RSE network.

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Real Estate Officer Update

The Kitchen Finally Gets A Real Fan!

It’s been a reasonably quiet few months for the House.  The Junior Membership replaced the kitchen floor with an epoxy composite during Work Week 2017.  This installation has improved cleanliness and traction.  Our insurance provider stopped by for a quick inspection, and now we’re adding some nice steel railings to the Front Porch staircase on the Union side.  At the Spring ’18 Society Meeting, the Junior Membership was presented a plaque, to be mounted in the Trophy Hall, recognizing their gift of main space light fixture restoration.

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