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JMs replace 2nd Floor Hall Lighting

Things are Looking Bright on the Second Floor!

One result of our current social status is that the brotherhood has been able to internally tackle some projects around the building.  One of the first to come up was the lighting in the 2nd Floor hallway.  When the 2nd Floor Study Hall was originally converted in the 60’s, the hallway lighting was a continuous run of fluorescent fixtures the length of the hallway.  In the early 90’s the electric company ran an efficiency upgrade program, and the original lights were replaced for a few dollars a fixture.  At the time these were ‘high efficiency’ fixtures, and to achieve the same lighting coverage we only installed half as many fixtures.

Well, ‘state of the art’ in 1994 is now twenty-five years old.  It was becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement parts to keep these lights functioning.  So this winter, the JMs, under the leadership of House Manager Isaiah Stanley ’19 and Assistant House Manager Zach Alexander ’21, replaced the 2nd floor hallway lights.  Once again, fewer fixtures are required to achieve the same coverage, and we are going to have a similar reduction in energy usage.  Our building doesn't like coming apart, and the repairs were a little more complicated than originally predicted.  But the JMs persevered, and the new lights are looking good now.

As the winter has progressed, complete with our Polar Vortexes and wild temperature swings, the JMs have been keeping up with maintaining our building.  The heating system receives an annual checkup every fall, and even on these extremely cold nights the building has been keeping warm.  Well, warm enough for the Junior Members.  I’m confident that the JMs are looking to the first warm days of spring when all our windows can be opened, the volleyball court cleaned up, the barbecue fired up and they can get outside again.  Until then, the JMs have been making the correct, and often difficult, decisions this year, and are already preparing for rush during the next school year.

As always, please contact me anytime with questions or concerns. 


Charlie Adkins ‘94

Real Estate Officer (REO)