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It Is Not All Fun and Games; We all Had to Find A Job Eventually!

Helping the Junior Members Is Part of Being an RSE Brother

By Don Thoma ’83 and Nick Corazza ‘19

We all remember what it was like back at RSE, the excitement and dread of the job search. Hundreds of resumes, mailed or posted to job boards, read (or not read) by non-responsive human resources departments (or their resume bots), rejections, rejections and finally a job! Of course, what we NOW know is the most effective way to find a job and to advance your career is through networking.

Hmm…, where could our Junior Members find a network of 800 people who have all shared a common experience and lived at the same address at one point in their lives? The power of RSE is that we have a large and vibrant Society that spans many diverse industries, career paths, eras, geographies and experiences. One of our responsibilities as members of RSE is to share our experiences to help those members who are just starting out.

We have a very talented group of Junior Members who are looking for opportunities for both full time employment and summer internships. Good engineers are tough to come by. we encourage all of you to look though the attached resume book and if you think you can assist one of the Junior Members in their job search, please reach out to them.

Stay tuned, we plan to introduce more networking opportunities for both Junior Members and alumni in the coming months.

Thy Strength is My Strength

Don and Nick