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True "Composite" from 1887

On March 12, 1887, over 130 years ago, fifteen of RSE’s Junior Members posed for what would be a unique photo.  The photo, which was taken by photographer J. M. Arnout on Fourth and River Streets in Troy, was taken as a composite of each of their faces, likely through multiple exposures.

Included in the photo are the faces of the following members:

  • Halsey B. Pomeroy
  • Atcher C. Stites
  • Ernest G. Freeman
  • Edwin S. Jarrett
  • Vincente F. Eguiguren
  • Clark W. Thompson
  • Edward F. Chillman
  • Victor M. Witmer
  • Arthur J. Stone
  • Joseph F. Witmer
  • Irving E. Matthews
  • Eduardo J. Chibas
  • Theodore H. Williams
  • Carl F. Adam
  • Bertrand E. Grant