RSE To Hold First Ever JM/Alumni Networking Forum – March 24th, 2018

When you ask the alumni what is RSE’s most valuable asset, you hear responses like the House, or the lifetime friendships, or the shared memories. Did you realize that RSE has over 800 living members and the website,, has the contact information on over 600 members?  What a network we have!!

All of us alumni know that most successful job searches are the result of networking.  The sad thing is that, we at RSE don’t make as much use of our powerful network as we could.

The 150th Celebration last year showed there are a lot people still connected to the House and those connections reach across generations.

RSE To Hold First Ever JM/Alumni Networking Forum – March 24th, 2018At the RSE Strategic Summit last summer, the idea was floated of organizing our networking potential to the benefit of all members.  Thanks to the efforts of Nick Umstattd ‘17, Nick Corazza ‘19, and Teddy Holden ’20, RSE is going to hold its first annual RSE Networking Forum.  The event will be held on Saturday, March 24th, 2018 at the House.  This event will include an afternoon gathering followed by a reception and networking dinner prepared by RSE’s very own Chef Adam.  The event will be structured to give the opportunity for alumni to share their interests and career paths with the Junior Members (JMs) and provide the JMs with access to a much broader network.

The event chairmen are using our alumni database to reach out to members in various majors, career fields and companies to ensure we get a good cross section experiences at the event. They are working with the Scholarship Chair, TJ Passaro ‘18, to prepare a JM resume book that will provide background on the JMs as well as their career interests. 

The tentative program for the event is being developed. Expect to see more on the event as well as formal invitations to the event in January.

One of the key themes of the RSE strategy going forward is to develop a more significant networking program for all members.  If you are interested in the event or have any suggestions on how we can develop this area more fully, contact information will be provided shortly.