Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures

150th Celebration was an amazing event, exemplifying the strength and character of our Society.  One focal point of the celebration was that we were able to have it in our home, 1501 Sage Ave.  We take tremendous pride in our house, however at 92 years old it’s starting to show some wear around the edges.  During the event a former trustee, Bart Guttag ‘71, asked House Manager Alex Frost ‘18 if there were any plans to repair the light fixtures on the main floor.  Currently we have explored, and accurately priced, numerous repairs / upgrades to the building, including the First Floor (Trophy Hall, Dining Room and Living Room) lighting.  

Bart got the process started with a generous donation of replacement glass shades, which took care of part of our issues.  The Junior Membership, under the leadership of Dane Torres ‘17, asked how they could assist with the repairs of these lights.  The Junior Membership is seeing the financial results of successive strong pledge classes, a focus on making the House more efficient, and prudent spending decisions.  The JM classes of 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 presented the House with the Class Gift of renovated First Floor lighting fixtures. The cost of this gift exceeded $11,000.

Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures   Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures   Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures
Restored Living Room Fixture   Restored Trophy Hall Fixture   Restored Dining Room Fixture

The fixtures were removed for refurbishment in early June, and were restored by Savage Metal Restoration of Austerlitz, NY, a metal shop that specializes in this type of restoration.  Whenever possible the goal of our repairs is the return the house to its original 1924 condition.  This was made possible through a detailed report created by Mark A. Vince ’75 and the current HM Isaiah Stanley ’19, who researched our archives to enable accurate restoration.  The remaining glass shades were purchased, new wiring, electrical assemblies and hardware were installed.  All fixtures were returned in August, and professionally reinstalled in the house.  Unfortunately for future brothers, the fixtures no longer need to be polished, since we had the brass sealed.  

For members who joined since 1970, the Trophy Hall fixtures will look especially impressive.  They’ve been restored to a condition that hasn’t been seen in decades including period similar caps.  Actually, all of the fixtures look amazing, I’m just partial to the ones in the Trophy Hall.  

After years of work the Real Estate Officer’s team has created a global renovation plan for our home, and has identified multiple smaller projects that will be addressed as we approach the 100th year of 1501 Sage Avenue.  I want to thank our concerned alumni and the Junior Membership for making this repair possible.  Please come by RSE at some point and take a look around.

Thy Strength is my Strength

Charlie Adkins ‘94

Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures   Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures     Junior Members Restore First Floor Lighting Fixtures
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