RSE Foundation Scholarship Awards Continue to Grow

The RSE Foundation announced the awarding of five scholarships for the 2016-2017 academic year at the RSE Sesquicentennial Celebration on October 8, 2016. This program has shown steady growth with the total for this year’s awards reaching a new high of $24,000.  The size of each scholarship has increased again this year.  These awards include the RSE/RPI Academic Scholarships awarded to Gabriel Kurtzman-Gonzalez (Class of 2017) and Vladimir Ramos-Vasquez (Class of 2018), and the RSE/RPI Brotherhood Scholarship to Dane Torres (Class of 2017).  These scholarships are funded through an endowment that is managed by RPI and supported through donations to RPI (usually during the RPI Annual Fund Drive) by our alumni that are earmarked for the RSE Foundation Scholarship endowment.  Scholarships are automatically applied to the recipients’ tuition expenses.

The Frank Becker Scholarship was awarded to Curran K. Kalia (Class of 2018) and the Rudy Bergfield Scholarship recipient was Tristan L. Hardy (Class of 2019).  Scholarship funds are directed to the recipients’ RPI accounts.  These two scholarships, honoring past alumni, are supported by funds that are managed by the RSE Foundation and supported through tax-free donations to the RSE Foundation. Thanks to all alumni who have supported one or more of our scholarships.  The RSE Foundation Scholarship program is a very tangible way that RSE alumni are showing support for the success of our junior members who currently share the RSE experience at 1501 Sage Avenue.

The awards were presented by Bob Mooney '71 and Eric John '95 of The RSE Foundation, Inc.

RSE Foundation Scholarship Awards Continue to Grow
Bob Mooney '71, Dane Torres '17, Vladimir Ramos-Vasquez '18, Curran K. Kalia '18, Tristan L. Hardy '19, Gabriel Kurtzman-Gonzalez '17 and Eric John '95

The RSE Foundation Inc. is a recognized 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.