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March in Pi Eta / RSE History

March 20, 1868

The Society voted to place a sign out book in the library and required all members borrowing books to sign them out.


March 31, 1884

The Polytechnic
The Rensselaer Society of Engineers has published a pamphlet of selected papers containing: Theory of the Masonry Arch, by Wm. H. Burr; Notes on Railway Earthwork, by Wm. G. Raymond; Determination of the Proper Size of Supply Main for the new water supply of Galveston, Texas, by Wynkoop Kiersted; Natural Asphaltum and its Compounds, by J. W. Howard.

March 23, 1895
The Polytechnic
Prof. W. P. Mason is a member of the staff of lecturers before the Troy Hospital Training School for Nurses, his subjects being "Poisons and Antidotes," "Special Urinary Examinations." The Doctor lectured on "Poisons and Antidotes" before the Rensselaer Society of Engineers

March 21, 1924

The Polytechnic
RSE Five Wins Basketball Title
In the second game of the championship series, played on March 12, the Rensselaer Society of Engineers defeated the Phi Lambda Alpha team to the tune of 18 to 5. Artie Paul, the snappy forward of the R.S.E. five, accounted for over half of his team’s points.

In the championship game the Phi Kappa Tau five suffered their first defeat of the season, falling before the onslaught of the R.S.E. quintet.  In winning this game the R.S.E. five became the interfraternity basketball champions, thus winning the cup awarded by the Inter-Fraternity Conference. The players on the R.S.E. winning team were Art Paul, L.F., Helter, R.F., Hasbrouck L.G., Quigly R, G. and Anderson C.

March 21, 1924

The Polytechnic
Five Fraternities Have Moved Info New Homes
Sigma Phi Delta have moved to their new location, 52 Meadow Ave.  Kappa Nu arc living in their new home, 2000 Tibbits Ave. R.S.E. have settled in their permanent home, Sage Ave. and Griswold Road. Beta Psi have moved into their new home, 2109 Sixteenth Street. Delta Delta are now located in Beta Psi's former home, 275 Eighth Street.

March 11, 1925

The Troy Times
The March lecture of the Rensselaer Society of Engineers is scheduled to take place Friday. The society has obtained the services of W. W. Orr, Manager of the Eastern District of the National Association of Credit Men, who will speak on "Credit and Character to the Engineer." Mr. Orr Is a man of great experience in national credit circles and is an authority on his subject. The Rensselaer Society of Engineers gives these lectures every month in its new building on Sage Avenue with the hope that they will be of some benefit to the students. The lectures are always on subjects not embraced in the regular curriculum of the Institute.

1938 saw fifty four teachers of surveying and geodesy housed at RSE from March 23rd through March 25th.  The guests who represented twenty four colleges from across the eastern US were attending a regional surveying teacher’s conference sponsored by the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education.

In March 1948, RSE hosted a series of lectures by Mr. Frank Hunter, a professor of music at Albany’s Russell Sage College.  The lectures were attended by over 150 members of the Russell Sage and RPI communities and included piano recitals by Mr. Hunter.