• It’s March Madness! +

    It’s March Madness! We know you have stories to tell, so what are you waiting for? Many of the fondest memories of our college days were following sporting events with our fraternity brothers.   Read More
  • Onward and Upward +

    Remember your spring graduation? With the return of spring also comes that rite of passage, graduation. We’ve all been there. It’s a time for looking forward, but also a time for looking back over our life-changing college years and the many influences that shaped us, including our fraternity experience. Read More
  • It Is Not All Fun and Games; We all Had to Find A Job Eventually! +

    By Don Thoma ’83 and Nick Corazza ‘19 We all remember what it was like back at RSE, the excitement and dread of the job search. Hundreds of resumes, mailed or posted to job boards, read (or not read) by non-responsive human resources departments (or their resume bots), rejections, rejections and finally a job! Of course, what we NOW know is the most effective way to find a job and to advance your career is through networking. Read More
  • JMs replace 2nd Floor Hall Lighting +

    One result of our current social status is that the brotherhood has been able to internally tackle some projects around the building. One of the first to come up was the lighting in the 2nd Floor hallway. When the 2nd Floor Study Hall was originally converted in the 60’s, the hallway lighting was a continuous run of fluorescent fixtures the length of the hallway. In the early 90’s the electric company ran an efficiency upgrade program, and the original lights were replaced for a few dollars a fixture. At the time these were ‘high efficiency’ fixtures, and to achieve the Read More
  • Junior Member Winter 2018 Election Results +

    The RSE Junior Members have elected new members to the Executive Committee (E Comm), as well as a number of other positions. Read More
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