• RSE Member Made The Ultimate Sacrifice in WWII - Richard M. VanGalder '45 +

    by Eric Stoever '04 For over 100 years, The Approach has served as a symbolic link between the city of Troy and Rensselaer.  Since its renovation and rededication in 1999, The Approach has prominently featured two plaques honoring those members of the Rensselaer community who died fighting in both the First and Second World Wars.  The first plaque honors the 28 men who died in the First World War, among them, four were members of RSE. Read More
  • Real Estate Officer Update +

    The Kitchen Finally Gets A Real Fan! It’s been a reasonably quiet few months for the House.  The Junior Membership replaced the kitchen floor with an epoxy composite during Work Week 2017.  This installation has improved cleanliness and traction.  Our insurance provider stopped by for a quick inspection, and now we’re adding some nice steel railings to the Front Porch staircase on the Union side.  At the Spring ’18 Society Meeting, the Junior Membership was presented a plaque, to be mounted in the Trophy Hall, recognizing their gift of main space light fixture restoration. Read More
  • “I Really Believe In The Fraternity Experience” +

    Some of Clyde Richard’s '63 most memorable experiences happened while at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. One of which was joining The Rensselaer Society of Engineers. “I joined RSE for three reasons. First, it was obvious to me almost from my first day on campus in 1959 that you really needed to be in a fraternity—the upper classmen housing was not the best. Second, a fellow baseball player from my high school team who was a year ahead of me was in RSE. Third, it was obvious to me that being close to campus and not needing to lay around on the Read More
  • RSE Alumni Selected in 2017 Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame Class +

    It is our pleasure to announce that another RSE member has been elected to the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame. The Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame, started in 1995, was created by the Institute to honor those alumni who have made extraordinary contributions to “humanity as a whole; a specific field of endeavor as a whole; or a unique niche area.” Harry Harwood Rousseau 1891 was selected to the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2017. Rousseau was a member of the class of 1891 and was one of the leaders of the construction and Read More
  • RSE 2018 Biennial Election Recap +

    The Bylaws of the Society specify that at the Spring Society Meeting held in each even numbered year, all the Board of Trustees shall be elected by the alumni to a two year term. (The Tenant Relations Officer (TRO) is an exception. The TRO is selected by the elected Trustees) The election utilized on-line and mail in ballots. Regrettably, the 2018 election had minimal alumni participation. Incumbents ran unopposed for all offices except the Trustee-At-Large positions where newcomer Don Thoma '83 was elected. The election results were announced by Secretary Eric Stoever ‘04 and the new board was introduced during Read More
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